Why do you eat?

The answers I receive from clients don’t amaze me as much as the answer I rarely hear.
„It’s fun – it tastes good – it’s how I relax after a hard day’s work – I got a great 2 for 1 deal – it’s what was offered – the advertisement was great – as a reward – when I’m lonely, mad, excited, bored, stressed . . . „

Food was never intended to be used for these purposes. Food was intended to be used to nourish the physical body.
When you use food as fun or an emotional pacifier, your body has no fun at all. Your body has to work continuously harder and ultimately can’t fight off the detrimental effects of mistreatment. That extra weight strains your heart and the bad fats and carbs clog your arteries. Add all the chemicals, preservatives, salt and acids and your body resembles more and more a toxic garbage dump.

What if you were to define eating as a sacred experience? „I bring into my body the perfect amount of life giving, healing nourishing foods because I honor myself and am grateful for what Mother Nature has created for me“.

Redefining your definition of eating in this way will lead to health and happiness.

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