Skinny Jean Redefined

Skinny Jeans – Redefined

Remember the photo of metabolic balance® Coach Meda Christiani and metabolic balance® Client Alexandra Flohs together in one pair of jeans? Here is the video of how they got in there – even more entertaining for those of you who understand German – along with more insights from Meda about the emotional aspects of Alexandra’s journey.

WHO is that in the store window reflection? Oh, that’s ME!

That was exactly the observation I needed to have Alexandra believe what I had been telling her the past couple of weeks. Experiencing a plateau during healthy weight reduction is not only normal it is vitally necessary! Her frustration was understandable, as she had been holding strictly to her metabolic balance® Plan and had lost 60 pounds in 4 months. Now it seemed like nothing was happening. The number on the scale may not have moved in two weeks but the internal re-arranging that was going on was not to be underestimated. A lot of accumulated toxins needed time to be flushed away. All those dismantled and shredded fat cells, a lot of empty space for organs to rearrange themselves. The skin has to shrink and re-tone. The entire body posture must realign and find a new balance.

“Where am I?”

Remember being a gawky teenager? You woke up many mornings in what felt like a foreign body – longer legs and arms, sprouting body hair and uncoordinated movements. Continuously finding center in your ever-changing adolescent body was a challenge. It’s no different when the process runs in reverse.

Reassuring my clients of the normalcy of their changes and having faith in Mother Nature and their own in-born healing capabilities is one of my main functions as a metabolic balance® Coach along with extensive education. As a coach I feel like a mid-wife. As the pounds fall away and the radiant, vibrant person emerges it is like witnessing a re-birth.

“I’m not hungry. I’m totally satisfied!”

Alexandra enjoyed the same breakfast for 12 months! Mango with full-fat yogurt and a piece of rye bread started the day perfectly. She is still in awe that her inner ’hunger monster’ has disappeared. Alexandra remained on that plateau for a number of weeks and when her body was ready to shed that extra weight again then shed it did! Week after week after week she became thinner, more balanced and energized and therefore more productive in all areas of her life. No longer eating until she was stuffed she enjoyed feeling nourished and light.

She especially enjoyed the flexibility of food combining while simultaneously having a clear structure within which to compose her meals.

“Not much resembles my previous life!”

Her creativity and confidence bloomed along with her self-esteem. No longer a quiet wallflower she really did bloom! Every day she was feeling healthier, happier and more empowered. Area by area she cleaned up her life. As the weight of the fat disappeared so too was the psychological baggage released. Rituals were created for giving away boxes of clothes that looked like baggy potato sacks. Her shoes had literally fallen off and were now replaced with sexy high-heels.

All her rings had to be downsized. She has been able to maintain her lower than goal weight of 165 pounds by making consistent healthy choices and as of today her scale has seen a 164 a few times! What an exciting journey to optimal wellness.

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