Eat like the Person you want to become.

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Apple Juice Farce

Apple Juice Farce

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Thank you for changing my life

Meda Christiani reflects on the amazing 113 lbs weight loss of a favorite German client. Enjoy their joint coaching journey.

“I was always fat and I always will be fat!”

The first challenge with Alexandra was to work with the 12 inches between her ears. Yes, change was possible – even for her. Starting with 272 lbs, she laughed at my suggestion of a goal weight of 190 lbs. I shared my personal experiences with the metabolic balance® Program in 2007– how I could literally hear the fat sizzling away mornings as I woke up in my bed – how I felt I was growing younger as joyful energy returned – how I had shed my unwanted pounds easily with my metabolic balance® nutritional adjustment – even 10 years of jogging hadn’t been able to do that!
“I’m not spending my life in the kitchen!”

Alexandra retells that a key experience convinced her to give it a try.

She attended a cooking evening with me and a few other clients new to metabolic balance®. We went shopping (including label reading) and prepared a delicious, eye pleasing ‘banquet’. Her belief that cooking fresh and healthy was going to consume too much of her time and be hopelessly complicated was shattered! My constant supply of recipes ignited her creative cooking talents and Alexandra has been a contributing meal creator for the benefit of us all.
“Don’t even think about asking me to exercise!”

Being able to imagine speedily whipping up delicious meals her next obstacle was exercise. She really thought I was kidding when I told her NOT to exercise in the beginning. Her metabolism was so off balance that her hormones were too. There was no physical desire to exercise – that would come later. Tune into any diet show these days and you’ll see the fitness trainers all whipping their clients into a sweat.

Feeling that she had nothing to lose (except pounds) and wouldn’t have to starve her self or suffer hours at the gym, she finally consented to having her personalized metabolic balance® Plan created.

As I’d explained, eventually her hormones and joints had arrived at a point where her body could start to send out the signal to move (it took about 9 months). And move she did! She started walking, and then walking faster and before you knew it she was doing 5 miles at a time. The one time I joined in, I couldn’t keep up with her.
“OK, I’ll just put my life on hold for a few years”.

Once her mind believed that transformation was possible the next challenge was to decide on a start date. She imagined that it would probably take at least 4 years to get from 270 lbs down to 190 lbs. That would mean passing up birthday cakes, Easter chocolate, all-you-can eat buffets, Christmas cookies and football game beer consumption for 4 years!

We created a ritual around her start date. In no time at all the miracle of her custom metabolic balance® Nutrition Plan kicked in and Mother Nature was able to perform at her best. Highly motivated by the speedy results 1 year instead of 4 became an attainable goal.
“I can see the skinny me”!

Breaking the 100kg [220 lbs] mark was a monumental challenge for Alexandra. Her memories of passing the 100kg mark 18 years ago were loaded with negative energy. She had a lot of fear and doubt that she could get under this number again. We worked with her body image of being hopelessly fat (which she had held for a number of years) and through some guided imagery exercises she reconnected to her ‘thin’ self and breathed life into it.

She learned how to check in with her internal picture of herself. When the ‘fat one’ would occasionally reappear she’d acknowledge it and kiss it once again good-by. With intention she would then place her ideal self in front of her inner eye, intensifying the size of the picture and it’s colors until her emotions were an equal match. Seeing herself as a ‘thin’ person made eating chocolate cake no longer an energetic match.
“I’ve learned to love myself”.

She now understood how the unpleasant consequences of putting the wrong, non-nourishing foods into her body and suffering, was no different than allowing in toxic people, thoughts and situations. Understanding how to create healthy boundaries and learning to say “no” to unhealthy foods set in motion the ability to say “yes to herself in all areas of her life”.

“Changed my food – changed my life. Thank you metabolic balance®!”

Meda Christiani has been a metabolic balance® Coach since 2007 and has coached hundreds of clients to their optimal health and well-being. Are you next?

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Metabolic Syndrome – you don’t want it!

What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of the following five medical conditions:

Abdominal obesity
Elevated Blood Pressure
Elevated fasting Plasma Glucose
High Serum Triglycerides
Low Densidy Lipoprotein (HDL)Levels

Having these symptoms together increases your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
Metabolic syndrome is thought to be caused by the disorder of energy utilization and storage and is a focus of many ongoing medical studies.

People who suffer from metabolic syndrome have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some studies suggest that 37 percent of the US population suffers from metabolic syndrome and the numbers increase with age.

Other names used to describe metabolic syndrome are metabolic syndrome X, Cardiometabolic syndrome, syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, Reaven’s syndrome, and CHAOS.

The risk of having metabolic syndrome is closely linked to being overweight or obese and lacking physical activity. Insulin resistance also may increase your risk for metabolic syndrome.

It is possible to prevent or delay metabolic syndrome, mainly with lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle is a lifelong commitment. Successfully controlling or reversing metabolic syndrome requires long-term effort and teamwork with your metabolic balance® coach.

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Skinny Jean Redefined

Skinny Jeans – Redefined

Remember the photo of metabolic balance® Coach Meda Christiani and metabolic balance® Client Alexandra Flohs together in one pair of jeans? Here is the video of how they got in there – even more entertaining for those of you who understand German – along with more insights from Meda about the emotional aspects of Alexandra’s journey.

WHO is that in the store window reflection? Oh, that’s ME!

That was exactly the observation I needed to have Alexandra believe what I had been telling her the past couple of weeks. Experiencing a plateau during healthy weight reduction is not only normal it is vitally necessary! Her frustration was understandable, as she had been holding strictly to her metabolic balance® Plan and had lost 60 pounds in 4 months. Now it seemed like nothing was happening. The number on the scale may not have moved in two weeks but the internal re-arranging that was going on was not to be underestimated. A lot of accumulated toxins needed time to be flushed away. All those dismantled and shredded fat cells, a lot of empty space for organs to rearrange themselves. The skin has to shrink and re-tone. The entire body posture must realign and find a new balance.

“Where am I?”

Remember being a gawky teenager? You woke up many mornings in what felt like a foreign body – longer legs and arms, sprouting body hair and uncoordinated movements. Continuously finding center in your ever-changing adolescent body was a challenge. It’s no different when the process runs in reverse.

Reassuring my clients of the normalcy of their changes and having faith in Mother Nature and their own in-born healing capabilities is one of my main functions as a metabolic balance® Coach along with extensive education. As a coach I feel like a mid-wife. As the pounds fall away and the radiant, vibrant person emerges it is like witnessing a re-birth.

“I’m not hungry. I’m totally satisfied!”

Alexandra enjoyed the same breakfast for 12 months! Mango with full-fat yogurt and a piece of rye bread started the day perfectly. She is still in awe that her inner ’hunger monster’ has disappeared. Alexandra remained on that plateau for a number of weeks and when her body was ready to shed that extra weight again then shed it did! Week after week after week she became thinner, more balanced and energized and therefore more productive in all areas of her life. No longer eating until she was stuffed she enjoyed feeling nourished and light.

She especially enjoyed the flexibility of food combining while simultaneously having a clear structure within which to compose her meals.

“Not much resembles my previous life!”

Her creativity and confidence bloomed along with her self-esteem. No longer a quiet wallflower she really did bloom! Every day she was feeling healthier, happier and more empowered. Area by area she cleaned up her life. As the weight of the fat disappeared so too was the psychological baggage released. Rituals were created for giving away boxes of clothes that looked like baggy potato sacks. Her shoes had literally fallen off and were now replaced with sexy high-heels.

All her rings had to be downsized. She has been able to maintain her lower than goal weight of 165 pounds by making consistent healthy choices and as of today her scale has seen a 164 a few times! What an exciting journey to optimal wellness.

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My Body – My Closet

My Body - My ClosetThere were warning signs, my 90-year-old mother reluctantly admits.

Stuffing that last ‚too good of a deal to pass up’ dress into her closet required a lot more creative muscle power than her last purchase did. „Get three dresses for the price of one!“ An „all you can eat in one hour“ buffet. Buy – gorge your self – it’s an awesome deal you know. Stuff it in – you’re saving so much money. ‚Don’t pass up this fantastic offer’! No awareness or consideration of the capacity and health of her closet or of her body.

Yes, she remembers the days when the pole was straight. Yes, she had noticed that it was getting more and more of a downward bow over time (as if the intelligence of the closet was contemplating becoming an archer and shooting those excess dresses into oblivion in an act of self-preservation).
Why would a pole sag? Why would a vertebra disc collapse? It’s amazing how much excess weight a pole can take and the extent to which it can bend to accommodate abuse. No respect, awareness or sensitivity.
The infamous „straw that broke the camel’s back“. Which straw was to be the last straw?

I had the ‚pleasure’ of breaking down the French cottage of a deceased relative many years ago. Now THAT was one sagging closet pole!
It deserved an achievement award for supporting a wardrobe spanning decades (beginning from the left hand side the 1960’s bell-bottoms all the way to the 90’s polyester jackets on the right hand side). Sorry I didn’t have a camera (that was in the pre-IPhone days).

This pole had out-lived my relative! He flooded his kidneys with alcohol, sweets in all variations and tons of goose livers until one day his body came to a sudden halt. His blood vessels were laced with globs of fat, cancers had burrowed through his liver and his poor kidneys were shriveled little peanuts.
Not one item of clothing was salvageable in his closet either. Not one. The rats had had a field day tunneling through the decades of clothes. My guess is that they began tunneling from one side in the 80’s, made a U-turn a few years later and tunneled back again. If I count the holes like the rings of a tree then they made about 6 laps. Often there was no distinction between a wool sweater or a pair of cotton shorts as the rats had gnawed and chewed and barfed up balls of fluff to line their dens in the closet corners.

At some point the body just can’t take it anymore and you wake up in a hospital bed (or the morgue). Your organs are suffocated by fat and toxins, too exhausted and unable to do their job of nourishing and cleansing your body – your home – your closet.

My Body - My Closet 2The mountain on the bed could have simply been carted away to the dumpster. But no – mom wanted a second chance! Mom wanted to live longer. Mom wanted to get healthy. Mom was willing to call in experienced help to fix the broken pole and teach her how not to break it again. Long over-due care was finally taken and she agreed to give her closet and her body a health check. Out went the clothes that could never fit again, were torn or hopelessly out of style. Blood tests were made. Junk food was purged from the pantry and fridge. Evil, hidden sugars found a new home in the garbage can. No more visits to second-hand stores or succumbing to those evil mass-quantity food deals. No more unhealthy food allowed into her body. Now was time to learn about nourishing her body back to wellness.

Eighty-four sunhats doesn’t mean you keep fifty. Eating half a portion of an absurd amount of food is not based on what your body needs to function properly! It was time to get back to sanity and shop for quality, not for quantity.
It was time to put a screeching halt to consuming more and more without paying any attention to the capacity and sensitivity of the container created to hold it all. Mom took the professional help offered seriously. She understood that she held the power to avert the inevitable collapse.

My Body - My Closet 3Your body is your home just like your closet is the home for your wardrobe.
A healthy closet has a reasonable amount of clean, mended, pressed clothes for all areas of your active life. Your organs need healthy nutrients and space to breathe and stretch. They need mended at the first sign of distress. Periodically they need checked for malfunction and cleansed and rejuvenated regularly.
Daily acknowledgement and appreciation for your body and the endless jobs your organs do will keep the doctor away.

Your clothes from a healthy, well maintained closet can help you look great but no top of the line designer outfit can camouflage an unhealthy, neglected, toxic, over-weight body.

It doesn’t matter whether you begin by purging your closet or getting a health check-up with a nutrition consultant. The synergistic effect will improve both.
If you don’t know where to begin, contact Meda Christiani, a Wellness Empowerment Coach for metabolic balance® and get a jump-start into a healthier, happier life.

If you don’t take care of your body – where will you live?

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About the Cost of Obesity

We have an obesity epidemic, not only in the USA, but globally. The financial burden is breaking our health system and our society. You can choose to take responsibility for your health and not be part of this epidemic. Have a look at this very educative infographic of the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health:
Continue reading

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Thank you for changing my life!

My German client Alexandra from Germany lost an amazing 113 lbs! In an interview with the official metabolic balance® USA blog I talk about our challenging journey: Alex and me in the official metabolic balance® USA Blog

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My client Alexandra lost 103 pounds

What an achievement! Alexandra, one of my clients, lost an astonishing 103 pounds – with the methods of metabolic balance™ and me as her metabolic balance™ Coach. The German magazine “Frau im Trend” publicised her success story and I am mentioned as her Coach in a double page article. Click a picture to enlarge it.


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Why do you eat?

The answers I receive from clients don’t amaze me as much as the answer I rarely hear.
„It’s fun – it tastes good – it’s how I relax after a hard day’s work – I got a great 2 for 1 deal – it’s what was offered – the advertisement was great – as a reward – when I’m lonely, mad, excited, bored, stressed . . . „

Food was never intended to be used for these purposes. Food was intended to be used to nourish the physical body.
When you use food as fun or an emotional pacifier, your body has no fun at all. Your body has to work continuously harder and ultimately can’t fight off the detrimental effects of mistreatment. That extra weight strains your heart and the bad fats and carbs clog your arteries. Add all the chemicals, preservatives, salt and acids and your body resembles more and more a toxic garbage dump.

What if you were to define eating as a sacred experience? „I bring into my body the perfect amount of life giving, healing nourishing foods because I honor myself and am grateful for what Mother Nature has created for me“.

Redefining your definition of eating in this way will lead to health and happiness.

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