Tanya Jones MD interviews Meda Christiani: Food, Stress & Intimacy

I was interviewed by Tanya Jones MD…


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Intention for the day

Intention is a conscious action… before you rise from bed in the morning, take a deep breath and see your day unfolding… watch as you see where your intention/focus is, if it is negative, shift it in your mind to something more positive and ask yourself, how could my day be better, filled with more joy, health and abundance?… allow the vibration of that expanded version of your day unfold… use this simple exercise to stay empowered and co-create your day, watch as it begins to manifest as you intend it to!

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metabolic balance® wins HAWARD Health AWARD

Dr. Wolf Funfack personally attended the reception in Hamburg’s Grand Hotel Elysée on November 30, 2011 in order to accept the HAWARD Health Award for “Best Certified Corporate Health Management”.
“Taking care of our employees is one our most important priorities”, Dr. Funfack, inventor of the metabolic balance® program, says. He also congratulates the winner across all categories – ThyssenKrupp VDM. The award has been established by TÜV NORD, the BARMER GEK, and manager magazin „impulse”, among others to honor small, mid-size and big companies which take extraordinary steps ensure the well-being of their employees.

© Peter Vogel

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First Post

News, news, news.

It’s so interesting.

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