Dragonfly Symbology

The message from the dragonfly

Based on the understanding of the Native Americans animals deliver messages of healing for the body, mind and soul. Such a ‘medicine’ brings personal power, strength and wisdom to the recipient. As my ancestors were Seneca Indians, I feel a very deep connection to nature and can easily identify with their world view.

Out of an inconspicuous, oval cocoon emerges a truly magnificent flying beauty with iridescent wings. With a nearly magical shifting of color, energy, form and movement, the dragonfly signals us that it is time to bring those beliefs and habits into consciousness which have restricted the fulfillment of our fullest potential. It beckons us to attain a new perspective, whereby healing is possible and our creative energies flow again.

The dragonfly embodies the winds of change and brings messages of enlightenment and transformation.

Follow the dragonfly deep into your self, to the place where magic is still alive and drink from the life energy and the inner wisdom which is available to you for consciously creating the life of your dreams.

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