Long Distance Coaching: Qualified, personal coaching in the luxury of your own home or office

Contact Meda ChristianiLong Distance Coaching is the optimal, luxurious solution for those who want qualified, personal attention, guidance and support in the comfort of their own home or office (or on the beach).

As your body begins it’s adjustment to the wonders of your custom metabolic balance® plan, all the rest of you will follow along – mind, emotions and soul. Having a qualified Coach in your corner to support and guide you in all these areas over a longer period of time is invaluable.

Personal metabolic balance© coaching from wherever you are – start TODAY!

Eight private coaching sessions within a four month period are included with your metabolic balance® Plan. You are additionally invited to teaching sessions on various subjects having to do with nutrition and optimal wellness. These take place at appointed times in ‘virtual rooms’ such as Skype, TeamViewer, Facetime or Join.Me. As questions arise in between sessions they will be answered within a 24 hour time period via the appropriate technology.
If the Dragonfly (see: Dragonfly Symbology) is beckoning you to take a look at your health challenges and transform your life then follow it to: info@conscious-creation.net.

Say ‘YES’ to your optimal wellness NOW.

Coaching is a very personal matter so please feel free to contact me and we’ll see how I can best support you.

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Meda Christiani


Skype: Medabella

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