Why I’m a metabolic balance© Coach

In 2006 I had been jogging regularly for ten years with nothing to show for it but nice calves, a lot of dusty diet books and an ever increasing number of extra pounds. A few of the blood results of my last yearly check-up were out of the normal range and a gnawing awareness that my ‘spunk’ and lightness of my earlier years was fading into a distant memory. I WAS beginning to FEEL OLD!

metabolic balance© appeared and I grabbed it in desperation.

Low and behold, in a matter of a few months I slimmed down, normalized my lab results, regained my ‘spunk’ and lightness and fell in love with myself!
A lot of things changed in my personal life due to my escalating self-esteem, personal power and increasing energy levels. I had found something more profoundly healing than all of my known psychotherapy methods.

As I became more aware of the truth that “our food is our medicine and our medicine our food” I felt compelled to find out what our poisons are. What I found out is that food is very personal and what may be my “medicine” could be your “poison”. Our nutritional requirements are as individual as our fingerprints!

We are unknowingly eating ourselves sick and we can learn to eat ourselves well!

metabolic balance© showed me specifically what my ‘medicines’ and my ‘poisons’ are. The first step in healing is awareness. metabolic balance© gave me my ‘Body’s Nutrition Manual’ – the ‘why’s and how’s’ of changing my nutrition based on my body’s unique requirements. I embrace my forth-coming 65th birthday with the joy of optimal wellness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Let me support you in losing your weight naturally – as your personal metabolic balance© Coach

As your metabolic balance© Coach I take full advantage of this opportunity to raise consciousness and pass on to you the latest, cutting-edge discoveries regarding health, nutrition and what it means and feels like to be a happy, healthy, in balance human-being .

For over 20 years I have been ‘importing’ the newest psychotherapeutic methods from the USA to Germany. It is now an honor be able to bring the highly successful, award winning metabolic balance© program back to my homeland.

Let’s make contact! I would love to support you on your way to a healthier life!

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