Baby Boomers: Lose weight and get healthy with custom nutrition and coaching!

Meda Christiani in Costa RicaYou must be a fellow Baby-Boomer like me. Welcome!
Landing on this page can give you a new lease on life.

Thanks to science our generation has been gifted decades of extra living time. How many of us are able to enjoy this gift? Are you enjoying yours?

Boomers have been ingesting modern, industrialized food the longest and as a consequence our generation suffers more chronic pain, psychiatric problems, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, burn-out and heart disease than previous generations. Are these normal aging processes? NO! Many of them stem from what we are eating.

Regardless of how out of balance you may be, how sick, inflamed, fat, bloated and achy, how resigned you feel . . . there is hope!


The right nutrition for our individual bodies is a key factor for enjoying our longer lifetimes.

Modern medicine continuously invents new names for diseases and then routinely prescribes drugs to suppress and mask the symptoms of these diseases. Few doctors received training in nutrition and prevention. The cause is rarely addressed and the imbalance in the system pops-up some where else causing what will be seen as yet another disease calling for the next newfangled drug. And on and on it goes. How big is your suitcase full of pills which you’re hauling into your golden years?

Unplug from the disease causing industrial food chain and it’s often malicious marketing strategies. Throw away your library of diet books and detach from the big drug companies. It’s as if they all operate in a parallel universe consisting of ideas and products which have absolutely nothing to do with nourishing or healing your body.

In today’s world the supermarket, pharmacies and mass-media have become a more dangerous jungle than one full of lions and tigers. What ails you is most likely not the absence of some drug but rather the lack of some important nutrients. Maybe you are consuming something which your individual system experiences as toxic.

Are you going to remain a participant in the fattening and sickening of America or are you going to stand up with the same energy we had in the ‘60s and yell out

Your individual metabolic balance® plan will give your body exactly what it needs!

You can take full responsibility for your health NOW with your custom designed metabolic balance® plan. Get naturally back in tune with you body’s innate intelligence. Let joy and vitality flow through your veins. Be able to embrace your extra decades of life in a state of optimal wellness.

metabolic balance® prescribes food – period.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food“.

We believe that when the body receives exactly and only what it needs it’s self-healing processes will be set into motion, thereby positively influencing the mind and emotions.

This is your invitation to regenerate, to rejuvenate, to regain control of your physical being, your mind, your emotions and your life. You hold all the wisdom within you. With your custom-made metabolic balance® plan in hand let me be your partner and ally ‘in the jungle’ returning you to optimal wellness. Knowledge is power and we provide plenty of it!

WAIT! You believe you are already feeling healthy and well? Would you be open to the possibility that (regardless of how great you think you feel now) it is not only possible but probable to function and feel even better?

Would you like to join me in creating as many new words for optimal states of wellness as medicine has created for disease states?

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I do not trust myself to imagine to what extent your health could improve with a metabolic balance® plan.

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