Why choose me as your metabolic balance® Coach?

As a metabolic balance® Coach in Germany since 2007 I’ve coached hundreds of clients to their optimal health and well-being. You too can greatly benefit from my long and successful coaching experience in the birth-place of metabolic-balance®. I bring passion, excitement and knowledge to this program and my authenticity is inspiring and convincing. I speak from experience (see: why I’m a metabolic-balance® Coach) and make transformation exciting and entertaining.

Contact Meda Christiani Do you suffer from the “invasion of
the Calories”? Those little creatures
that come out at night and cut your
clothes to a smaller size?

Custom-designed nutrition is essential, but as we know there are usually a lot of psychological issues involved in weight-loss and health. Licensed in Germany as a Practitioner of the Healing Arts in Psychotherapy I bring my entire know-how to metabolic balance® (see: Credentials). Additionally my extensive training and talent in working with beliefs, behavior and system dynamics will help shed light on the creative ways your mind sabotages your best intentions.

Last, but not least: Fifteen years of running a successful catering business enables me to provide you with recipes and invaluable tips for preparing delicious, healthy, eye-appealing meals. Deprivation is not on the menu but deliciousness is!
Guaranteed, your entire family will benefit from metabolic balance®.

It is my honor to coach you to your optimal wellness through the 4 phases of your personalized metabolic balance® plan.

*** If you are presently in psychotherapy and haven’t yet optimized your nutrition then
DO IT NOW IMMEDIATELY! It is essential.


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